DiabetesIndia - ADA Symposium

Diabetes India’s Global Collaboration with ADA

Diabetes India is proud to collaborate with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), fostering international partnerships to enhance diabetes care. In 2022 we virtually hosted Dr. Robert Gabbay, ADA’s Chief Scientific Officer who shared insights on “Diabetes Care Beyond Borders.” Dr. Ruth Weinstock, ADA President Medicine and Science in 2021, who discussed “Diabetes Care in Older Adults.” Dr. Cynthia Munoz, also ADA President Healthcare and Education in 2021, she addressed “The Intersection of Diabetes and Mental Health.” In 2023  we worked to strengthen Public Health and We hosted ADA’s Public Health and Epidemiology Interest Group for a virtual session. Dr Mandeep Bajaj (ADA President Elect medicine and Science 2024 ) and Dr. Noel Barengo, Chair of ADA’s public health and epidemiology group Interest Group, will join our faculty at the Diabetes India Congress in Bhubaneshwar.

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