NCD Alliance

Diabetes India is acknowledged as a full member of the NCD Alliance, a global network committed to fighting non-communicable diseases (NCDs)​​. The NCD Alliance facilitates a collaborative environment among various organizations, including civil society organizations, scientific and professional associations, academic and research institutions, to advance the global NCD agenda​. Diabetes India’s association with the NCD Alliance aligns with its objective of addressing diabetes within the broader context of NCDs, leveraging collective efforts to foster awareness, build capacities, and advocate for health-promoting norms. As part of the Healthy India Alliance, a national NCD alliance and a full member of the NCD Alliance, Diabetes India also engages in multi-sectoral collaborations to tackle NCDs and promote health in the community​.By being a part of this global network, Diabetes India is not only contributing to the fight against diabetes but also supporting a collaborative approach towards reducing the burden of NCDs globally, thereby working towards a healthier future for all.