DiabetesIndia - PCDE Symposium

Strengthening Primary Care Diabetes: Our Alliance with PCDE

Diabetes India is honored to collaborate with Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE), an esteemed organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of diabetes care at the primary level. This alliance echoes our shared ambition of fostering better diabetes management and care.

Engagement with PCDE: Our collaborative endeavors with PCDE represent a commitment to elevate primary care diabetes services across the board.

Research Hub: The “Primary Care Diabetes” journal, a crucial initiative supporting diabetes research, bridges the knowledge divide in primary care diabetes.

Pan-European Conferences: PCDE’s conferences on primary care diabetes management provide a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.

Catalyzing Collaboration: This alliance nurtures connections among primary care diabetes societies across Europe, cultivating a collaborative ethos.

Collaboration Impact: Together, we aim to enhance the realm of primary care diabetes, driving forward a common agenda of better diabetes care.

Notable PCDE Figures: The collaboration is enriched by the involvement of distinguished professionals like Dr. Pinar Topsever (Turkey), Dr. Samuel Seidu (UK), and Dr. Francesc Xavier Cos (Spain).

Stay abreast of our joint initiatives aimed at combating diabetes in primary care and join us in this collaborative journey towards better diabetes care.