DGENius Group

DGenius: Nurturing Young Minds in Diabetes Care

DGenius is a dynamic and dedicated wing of Diabetes India, consisting of passionate doctors under the age of 40. This vibrant group serves as a platform for young healthcare professionals to collaborate, learn, and make a difference in the field of diabetes care.

Led by the esteemed Dr. Rutul Gokalani, currently serving as the Chair of the group, DGenius brings together young talents who are committed to advancing diabetes care through innovation, research, and education. The group convenes annually at the prestigious World Congress of Diabetes India, where members share their expertise, exchange ideas, and contribute to the evolving landscape of diabetes management.

In addition to the annual meetings, DGenius regularly conducts online programs that provide valuable insights and updates on the latest advancements in diabetes care. These programs serve as a platform for young doctors to enhance their knowledge and skills, keeping them at the forefront of evidence-based practices in diabetes management.

The impact of DGenius extends beyond educational initiatives. The group has made significant contributions to scientific literature, publishing papers on various aspects of diabetes care. DGenius has published a compendium titled “Hypoglycemia in Diabetes: From Existence to Management.” This comprehensive publication serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, offering insights and strategies for effectively managing hypoglycemia, a critical aspect of diabetes care.

Through their collective efforts, DGenius members are actively shaping the future of diabetes care. Their passion, energy, and innovative ideas bring fresh perspectives to the field, driving advancements and improving patient outcomes.