ISPAD-DiabetesIndia Symposium

Advancing Pediatric Diabetes Care: Our Alliance with ISPAD

Diabetes India and the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) are united by a common vision: to advance the understanding and management of diabetes in children and adolescents. This collaboration paves the way for knowledge exchange, research initiatives, and community engagement, ensuring young individuals with diabetes receive optimal care. 

Our Secretary, Dr. Banshi Saboo, embodies the essence of our partnership with ISPAD through his remarkable contributions both as a council member and a guideline author. Here’s a glimpse into Dr. Saboo’s instrumental role. Dr. Saboo co-authored crucial chapters in the ISPAD Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines 2018 and 2022, aiding in shaping clinical practice in pediatric diabetes care globally. His involvement extends to mentoring individuals awarded the Allan Drash Clinical Fellowship by ISPAD, providing them a platform to excel in diabetes care. Dr. Saboo has been pivotal in expanding the SWEET Registry in India, a collaborative effort focused on improving health outcomes for individuals with diabetes.

Together with ISPAD, we strive to develop a supportive community for families and healthcare providers dealing with pediatric diabetes. Stay updated on our joint efforts to combat diabetes in the younger population and join us in working towards a healthier future for our young generation.

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