DiabetesIndia - EASD Symposium


Diabetes India and EASD: Collaborating for a Diabetes-Free Future

Diabetes India stands as a close ally of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), fostering multiple collaborations to tackle diabetes head-on.

Symposium at 59th EASD:

In a landmark moment, Diabetes India hosted an Industry symposium as part of the 59th EASD conference in Hamburg, Germany. This platform facilitated the exchange of knowledge and ideas, strengthening our resolve to combat diabetes together.

Honoring Mumbai:

For the first time, an EASD hall was named after the vibrant Indian city of Mumbai, showcasing the significance of our contribution to the global fight against diabetes.

Our Presence at EASD:

Diabetes India proudly set up a stall in the countries and associations area at EASD, highlighting our commitment to advancing diabetes care and research.These collaborations and acknowledgments signify our shared dedication to creating a diabetes-free future. Stay tuned for more exciting joint projects and initiatives.

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